That Summer At Home, I Had Become An Invisible Boy

so things have been quiet in det vent land for some time now. dan is in minneapolis, going to school, and probably playing some shows with his other band Feedback Frenzy. i've been busy buying a house (probably) and wondering when on earth we're going to have time to start rehearsing again, writing new material, and playing shows.

in short, we're kind of on hiatus. not like a mr. bungle hiatus, as a friend of mine asked, when i told him what was up with the band, but more of a "we have no time to dedicate to this right now" kind of hiatus. or a hiatus like in that episode of the show Home Movies.

once things calm down on all fronts, there will be more time to dedicate to det vent.

for the time being though, please feel free to download our "anhedonia ep," or befriend us on facebook. while we're on this break, we're really just looking for any means to promote ourselves on the world wide interweb.

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