Fun Times

you have no idea how much we need these fun times.

this year has been a weird year for det vent. we finally released our ep back in february, but found ourselves unable to get over the promotional hump created by facebook. sure, you can beg your friends and the people who are "fans" of the band (still our friends) to download it, but where do you go from there? we seriously LABORED over this thing, and once it was available, we weren't really sure where to go from there.

there was, of course, the idea to play some live shows. since no one in northfield will have us, we started looking into bookings in the twin cities. if we were going to play shows though, that meant we had to practice, and along with some personal issues plaguing one of us (me, kevin) everyone's schedule was pretty booked up in february and march.

me, kevin, the one who plays the guitar, was ready to quit. i actually had taken a leave of absence from the band in order to get a handle on a few things (mostly, the health of my companion rabbit) and i told dan, the other one who sings and plays the keyboard, to replace me for the time being if he still wanted to play any shows in the near future. so at the end of march, the band was kind of left in limbo.

do we even want to continue with this? is this something that's still fun? is it turning into too much work? are we getting anywhere at all with it? is this just a studio band? can we even play a live show? why were we asking so many questions?

eventually, we decided that we needed to have fun again. so recently, the three of us-- me (kevin), dan, and adam, the other one who plays the drums-- got together for the first full band rehearsal/meeting in what felt like forever. rather than attempting to play any real songs that we have written (we played one during our meeting) we opted to get back to what det vent started out as- just some friends dicking around.

among the noises created in our rehearsal, the song "fun times are great" was born. it started with dan sampling our voices, adam dropping a beat, and me playing my delay pedals to create a weird computer warbling sound. i also started rapping at one point. you seriously have no idea how much we need these fun times. it may sound silly, but this is truly us getting back to what we need to do, and i'm not kidding when i say it is some of the realest music we have made as a band.

the song itself is available as a cassette single. i am not shitting you. we are making HOMEMADE CASSETTE SINGLES. we will take an old cassette single bought at a goodwill and i will record this song over it and print out the cover art for you. then we will either hand it to you in person or i will mail it to your house. here is the cover art:

and then here's the inside of the cassette:

since most of you are jerks who got rid of your cassette decks, we've kindly included a link to download a high quality WAV file of the song to play on your iPods or whatever you kids are using these days. i don't fuck with mp3 players, but i know a lot of you do.

anyway, fun times are great everyone. seriously, get at us if you want one of these and i will make it happen. email us or fuck with us on facebook.

thanks. hopefully this is the start of some more fun times for us in the band.


we apparently do not have a show in april

sorry. we're going to have to bail on this show at Cause, on april 17th. while we were attempting to regroup as a band, and get into practicing and were looking forward to playing a show again, it's just not going to happen now for a lot of reasons.


we'll try again later. really. we will.

kevin/det vent


so we apparently have a show in april

color us surprised. we are playing a show at cause spirit and soundbar on sunday, april 17th. i know that's palm sunday, so all of you religious folks can spend your day doing whatever with your palms, and then come out at night and be a god damn heathen.

sharing the bill with us is our good friends from the transit gal record label-- up and coming emcee enve, along with chance. the show starts at 8:00 (sorry for the late night on a school night. just deal with it.) so please look forward to a night of hip hop and electro pop that will touch you in the right and wrong places.



hey everyone

first thing's first- it seems like people are checking out the new EP which came out on tuesdsay, so thanks a bunch for listening.

secondly, we had mentioned we may be playing at some venue in hopkins that required us to buy advance tickets to re-sell to people to get them to come to the show. after some further consideration, we decided that this would be a bad idea for us, for a lot of reasons.

we know that SO MANY OF YOU are reading this blog, and if you know of a venue that just lets bands play (and not pay to play) and if the venue is open to more experimental acts, we'd love to hear about it. it's been almost a full year since our last show in minneapolis, and with this new release out in the digital streets, we'd like to get back out there and damage some ears.


our EP comes out today/we may be playing a show in april?

oh look at that, our EP is finally available-


it's digital, and free. eventually we'll produce a small run of compact discs, but that won't be for a minute still. check it out if you get a chance.

also, we may be playing a show at this place called the depot, in hopkins. it'd be on april 1st, and we'd have to sell advance tickets to the show ourselves, or something questionable like that. we'll keep you informed as more information is available.


oh look, an update

dear god we're bad at updating this blog.

2010 was a quiet year for det vent. which is funny, because we're a noisy band. after adding a member, and playing a kind of rough, but kind of successful show in march in minneapolis, we were in and out of the studio for most of the year, working on our most ambitious effort to date.

it's a brand new, five song ep, and it's coming out on february 1st.

hot damn, am i right?

the "Noctivagant" ep, as it's called, is a labor of love. these are new songs, and we've spent so much time recording and perfecting this effort, we're already sick of hearing it. but you won't be, because it's new to you.

it'll be available on the 1st from our bandcamp site-- detvent.bandcamp.com-- for a whopping free99. eventually, when we get our shit totally together, we'll have a small batch of physical product for sale.

and come february, we'll be dusting off the equipment and rehearsing again to prepare for some live shows we'd like to perform in april and may.

we've come a long way from hastily recording into our laptops as things happened, never worrying about how things really sounded or if the songs were really that great or not. so, come tuesday morning, get ready to live. shit is about to get real. mad real.

-kevin/det vent.


happy birthday to us.


since it's january, that means that as a band, det vent is two whole years old. it seems like only yesterday we were younger people, hastily recording things into garage band on kevin's macbook. now we're older and jaded, carefully using pro tools and taking advantage of dan's studio access.

so happy birthday to us. we're pretty sure we'll get our shit together in 2011.