new extended player

as you could see from yesterday's posting, as well as the other postings recently, we've completed a new release to spring on an unsuspecting public. it's called the "Anhedonia EP," and if you want to know what exactly "anhedonia" is, you should probably go get a dictionary and look that shit up.

the good news for people who like bad news is this: we're giving this ep away for FREE. we're doing a facebook event page for it, but for those of you who may be reading this blog that don't have a connection to us on facebook, here's the link to download the zip file.

it's four new songs. please enjoy them responsibly. if you like what you hear, become a fan of us on facebook, or send us an email, or whatever. pass it on to your friends. put the songs on a mix tape for your girlfriend. whatever. we just want to get the name Detective Ventriloquist out to as many people as possible.

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