update from the studio......

....and by the "studio," i mean, my living room.

yesterday we did some quick recording to complete studio versions of some of the newer songs we've been playing live. since the summer started, we've written and played roughly four new-ish songs, one of which being "my soul hurts," which has been finished for a while. but the newer of the new-ish stuff has just been sitting on various laptops, not fully completed.

so aside from finishing some guitar overdubs, we have four new tracks, and we're wondering what to do with them. dan's suggestion is to follow a "radiohead" style business model of just giving stuff away to people for free, which is good, because i guess we really aren't trying to make money with this thing anymore. my idea was to try to send out some demos to weird indie labels and get a distribution deal-- specifically with this label little furry things, based out of brooklyn.

as a band though, aside from finishing up these new songs, is probably taking a brief hiatus for the month of october. dan is going to college, and in november we're going to try to start getting some shows in the twin cities area.

stay tuned for more info.

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