new e.p.

so since we're either a- giving stuff away for free, or, b- sending out a "demo" to possible indie labels to see if we can get some kind of deal or something.....we've got four new songs recorded, and we'd probably throw "the majik hour" on if it were a demo situation, because it's the most accessible of our older material.

anyway, we need a name for this e.p. any suggestions? leave comments or email us.


  1. i feel as though ANY suggestion i would make for a name would be angrily rejected.

  2. well i don't think that's true at all. the only suggestion i've shot down today was "equine fantasies," and that was from my co-worker.

    also, sorry that the comment thing was never turned on before. or you had to sign in to leave them, or something. i feel pretty stupid.