the big time.

would you look at that? we've made it into the Northfield Entertainment Guide. maybe the fact that i work there now helped to get us in. or maybe it's because we submitted our event really early in june. either way, we're playing in the big leagues now-- a show at one of the more popular drinking establishments in town, and a blurb in the 'Guide. hot damn.

anyway, we've been kinda busy lately prepping for this show on thursday july 9th. we wrote a new song called "my soul hurts" and it's apparently dan's favorite song of ours so far. we also re-worked "japanese envelope number three" so it's a little shorter and a lot more fun to play.

so if you have seen the posters around northfield and have come to this website, like the poster instructs you to, please come on down to our show at the contented cow on thursday night. we're going on after 10 p.m.

also, i'll be on the radio (1080 AM in northfield) wednesday at 5:15 do so some shameless self promotion for the show and the key as an organization, as well to chat with the drive time hostess jessica paxton. so listen up.

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