just a few updates

looks like we have ourselves a fan. patrick klein is officially the #1 detective ventriloquist super-fan. so thanks patrick.

anyway, this weekend was eccentric circus. our set was....kinda messy. but you win some and you lose some, right? of course. i suppose right now the focus is to practice some more for the big show on july 9th at the contented cow. and also to maybe write some new material.

we scored a pretty nice korg microsynth last week, and i'm pretty sure almost every new song will feature it. it also has a vocoder on it, so we can sound like t-pain, or do a cover of "love lockdown" now. which i am sure would be a crowd pleaser.

we also now have shit to sell. we have our 6 song e.p ($3) and an attractive "det vent" sticker ($1.) so if you see me (kevin) or dan on the street and want some of this stuff, just holler at us. or email us, or come to our next show at the cow.

here is the poster for it:

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