Updates: upcoming show, musings from the studio, et al.

sorry for the lack of updates lately on here. i'm sure all of you who read this/give a shit about detective ventriloquist have been on the edge of your seats in suspense, waiting to hear what kind of nonsense we've been up to lately.

first and foremost, we worked in "the studio" on monday afternoon, and finished up a brand new song entitled "japanese envelope number three (part one)." it is drastically different in sound in comparison to the other two songs we have finished, and other ideas we have kicked around. i believe this is in part to the use of the Boss DD-6 effects pedal (holy shit that thing is awesome), the heavy distortion on the keyboard using the "atari" filter on the computer, and finally-- live drums.

aside from diligently working on finishing our e.p, we have our first "real" show coming up. it will be at the key on april 10th, supporting low-gain and robotic sound check. we will be playing a set of either three or four songs, and it should be epic. probably beyond epic. we spent some time on monday after recording trying to work on our stage show. we will also be rehearsing again on friday.

so, things are coming along pretty well in the land of det vent. aside from recording and rehearsing, there is talk of merchandise (stickers) and the purchase of more equipment for our live show.

and i swear i will try to update this more often.

here are some photos-

how many pedals? seven. how many guitar tuners? two. yes. that's right. i need two.

action photography of dan working on a hottttttt track.

we are good at making a mess of cords and power strips and other shit. and we will try to get more organized.

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