Friday's Show

just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to check out our set at The Key on Friday night. we had a pretty decent turn out, which is nice for a new band with only three songs in the bank right now. our set went really well (and the time went by really quickly).

thanks for also putting up with the fog machine and the incessant use of the strobe light. and the relatively low lighting of the entire space. we tried to create an atmosphere.

anyway, for those of you who are into that sort of thing, here's our set list:

Forgive (intro)
Japanese Envelope Number Three (Part One)
The Majik Hour
Graphic Fuck-Box

the intro is a song by a UK based dub-step artist named Burial. we added some of our own noise to the end of it, and thought it was a nice way to come on stage and go right into our own set.

also, in case you missed it, you should really check out low-gain. he headlined the show at the key on friday. holy shit. his stuff is amazing. check out his website here.

the rest of april and first part of may is going to be busy for both dan and myself, so we may not be playing another show until the end of may. we also have an e.p to finish.

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