oh look, an update

dear god we're bad at updating this blog.

2010 was a quiet year for det vent. which is funny, because we're a noisy band. after adding a member, and playing a kind of rough, but kind of successful show in march in minneapolis, we were in and out of the studio for most of the year, working on our most ambitious effort to date.

it's a brand new, five song ep, and it's coming out on february 1st.

hot damn, am i right?

the "Noctivagant" ep, as it's called, is a labor of love. these are new songs, and we've spent so much time recording and perfecting this effort, we're already sick of hearing it. but you won't be, because it's new to you.

it'll be available on the 1st from our bandcamp site-- detvent.bandcamp.com-- for a whopping free99. eventually, when we get our shit totally together, we'll have a small batch of physical product for sale.

and come february, we'll be dusting off the equipment and rehearsing again to prepare for some live shows we'd like to perform in april and may.

we've come a long way from hastily recording into our laptops as things happened, never worrying about how things really sounded or if the songs were really that great or not. so, come tuesday morning, get ready to live. shit is about to get real. mad real.

-kevin/det vent.

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