Someday, we'll be a band again/ Noctivagant

at the start of the summer, we had a lot of big ideas-- big ideas about wrapping up recording a new EP that we started in the spring, and releasing it. big ideas about rehearsing and trying to play some shows. we should have taken some advice from radiohead-- "don't get any big ideas; they're not gonna happen."

the summer got away from all members of det vent. so apologies all around to our legions of rabid fans who have been most certainly disappointed by our lack of organization and inability to get our shit together and record and book some shows.

with that being said, we are still slowly working on finishing a new five song EP. we may have gotten ahead of ourselves slightly, but we have a title-- Noctivagant--- a tentative track list:

1. Intro (Nicky Speaks)
2. Long Tunnels
3. The Great Failure Army
4. Sleep Crimes
5. Connotations

and we have a cover image- yet to be altered by photoshop-

so yeah. there you go. we'll try to finish this shit up as soon as possible. and maybe even try to play some shows in the near future.

-kevin/det vent

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