update from the studio, part one

hi everyone.

so things have been quiet since our show at shuga. it's weird, because we had a huge push with facebook updates and blogs and telling people about the show and introducing people to the band....and after the show was over....we just kind of went about our lives.

anyway, dan goes to IPR in minneapolis, and therefore gets limited access to recording studios on campus. we've made it this far with garage band, but no offense to apple, it has kind of outlived its usefulness, as far as both recording and using on stage. with that being said, tonight was night one of recording our new material....in a real studio.

oh how we've moved up in the world. starting from humble beginnings at the key, and in various living rooms and basements, recording into someone's laptop. look at us now.

here's a few photos dan and kevin took during the session, from our facebook page
. tomorrow night dan is recording keyboard tracks with the help of jayson from transit gal. adam will be recording drum tracks in the coming weeks. we are all very excited to have new songs record, and recorded in a relatively professional way.

aside from this, things really have been quiet since our show. we did agree to play a slot at a 3 day benefit/festival thing at shuga records, on sunday may 16th, but we have no idea what time our set is at.

once things calm down a little, in june and july, we plan on playing some more shows. we look forward to seeing your grimacing faces in the crowd.

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