2010: The Year We'll Probably Do Some Stuff

a couple of updates, for those of you who are interested.

in an attempt to be more of a "real band," we've been rehearsing quite a bit. once right before christmas, where we test drove some new material, and crashed it into a brick wall. we also rehearsed last weekend, and tried out the new stuff again, with moderate success. good for us, right? exactly. we took some photos during the last couple of rehearsals as well, so for your viewing pleasure, here we are:

dan, tickling the ivory of the korg micro-synth.

me (kevin) lurking in the shadows by the keys, with tim in the background. you may remember him from the vocals he contributed to our hit track "this girl be creepy."

antsy adam sets up the drum kit.

oh, what's that you say? who the hell is antsy adam? well....it's funny you ask. the executive decision was made late in 2009 to add live percussion to our live show, so we asked a friend of ours-- adam casper-- to join the band. that's right. you heard it here first-- there is a third member to the detective ventriloquist team.

also, if you happen to live in northfield, or know a lot about northfield, you may want to participate in the "best of northfield 2010" survey, sponsored by the Northfield Entertainment Guide, and Locally Grown Northfield. there are many fine questions asked by this survey, like the best places in town to buy your groceries, or get a cup of coffee, or a beer. there are also questions about music-- like who is your favorite local band.

let's be honest with ourselves: there are a lot of northfield bands. many of which have huge followings, play regular gigs, and have a slightly more accessible sound, musically speaking. most of these bands have way more musical talent than we do (we never claimed to be great) and i don't think any other act has been banned from playing at the contented cow (we're just too darn loud.) det vent has only played a handful of shows in the short time we've been a band (mostly at the key) and there are probably only a few people who have heard our music who can honestly say, with a straight face, that they enjoy what we're doing.

with that all being said, wouldn't it be great if det vent made it onto the best of northfield survey? we're not even asking for first place here. the top three responses will be listed in the february issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide. so, if you can find it in your heart to fill out this survey, please, keep us in your thoughts as you fill it out.

finally, january marks the first year that we have been a band. it seems like only yesterday that i (kevin) turned to dan and said that we needed to start an abrasive electronic band. it's been quite a ride since then-- both in our respective personal lives, and as a band. so thanks to everyone who has been there in one way or another since this began.

we've got some lofty goals for 2010. we've added another member, and we've got two new songs almost completed, as well as two more in the works. we've got our eyes on playing some shows in the twin cities, and we've added even more crap to our live set up-- i am using two more effects pedals, and we may or may not be using a projector now while we play.

we look forward to seeing all of your grimacing faces in the darkness of our shows this year. bring your ear plugs and your patience.

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