Mass Hysteria/Slam The Square

well, here's a little more info about slam the square-

we're setting up at 5p, so i assume things may start at like 6:00 or 6:30 (?). we are playing second, after the acoustic-punk stylings of aaron frederick. the actual poetry slam won't be starting until like 7:30 or 8p.

also, we have another new song that we will be debuting during our set. it has two titles. one not in parenthesis, and then one in parenthesis. i am forgetful, so i've forgotten the not in parenthesis title. but the rest of it is called "(mass hysteria.)"

so that's pretty awesome.

it follows the similar det vent songwriting formula that hasn't really failed us yet when we bother using it-- lots of loops + dan doing something on the synth + dan telling kevin to "make some noises on the guitar = song.

god we're good.

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