oh god. we have a show next week.

so we never really update this anymore. mostly because i've (kevin) been busy. and i don't really think dan cares if it's updated or not. but we had a slight setback when my hard drive crashed about two weeks ago, and we lost the project files we use for performance. thankfully we've been able to rebuild the old songs, and dan had copies of the new songs. so now we've just been trying to regroup and rehearse.

because we've got a show on the 26th. it will be the first time we've played since our last show in july. we dusted off our gear earlier this week for a practice and go through two oldies, a newie, and some of something so new we don't even know what we're doing yet.

anyway, if you read this site on a semi-regular basis, you should come on down to our show at the contented cow. free ear plugs for everyone. trust me. you'll prolly need them.

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