Back With A Brand New Track

like r&b mega-producer timbaland once said- "it's been a long time and i shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to." while we did "release" an e.p. at the end of june, we have spent some of the summer working on new material as you may have learned if you read the entries in this blog.

one of the new songs is, let's say, more accessible to listeners than the other two, and according to dan, it's "his favorite" song that we play. when we came up with it, the first thing we both thought was "here's our next single."

the song is entitled "My Soul Hurts," and i gotta say, it's a real crowd pleaser. and since we haven't given away any dope beats to step to in a while, here it is-- for your listening pleasure.

for the love of god-- enjoy responsibly.

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