"Did you get the go codes?"

first thing's first-- allow me to clear something up.

so we were scheduled to play a show on thursday, august 13th, at the contented cow in northfield, after the key's open mic night ended. so we'd be going on at, like, 10:00 p.m. little did we know that there's this thing happening in northfield that weekend called ARTSwirl, and it kicks off on thursday night with some kind of giant concert in the town square at 7:00 p.m. there has been QUITE the debacle involving the slight competition of events-- ARTSwirl stuff VS open mic and our performance, so to try to make things easier for everyone, we canceled our show at 10, and have moved it to a different date later in august-- wednesday, august 26th to be exact-- at 9:00 p.m.

we also did this so we'd have a little more time to rehearse, and write some more material. believe it or not, we've been busy dudes lately: dan works a lot, and is going to chicago the first part of august, and then to duluth. i (kevin) and getting married on the first of august, and work two jobs at the moment, so the more time we have to get our shit together for a show, the better we'll probably be.

anyway..... with that being said, while we've been busy outside of the band, we have been getting to work on two new songs. one is untitled at the moment, and sounds very robotic and compressed, which is a good direction for us to go in. the second has a title, and the pieces of the song are falling together somewhat nicely. the song is called "the go codes," and is a reference to a scene in the film "Live Free or Die Hard." there's even a sample from the movie in the song. because i love bruce willis movies so very much.

i created an event poster for our show on the 13th, but now i have to change the date in it. so when that's done, it will be posted online here, as well as posted around town to advertise. hopefully we'll see you on the 26th. it's an early show, so we'll have you home in time for letterman or conan. or both if you still use a picture-in-picture television.

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