i was like damn dude, i wanna make you my boo

e.p. is, like, 90% done. we just have to figure out a cover concept and then finalize the tracking. but here's what we have so far:

detective ventriloquist- extended play
1.japanese envelope number three (part one) 4.48
2.the majik hour 3.28
3.this grrrl b. kreepee (featuring tim hollinger) 5.20
4.graphic fuck-box 4.37
5.thanatopsis 9:47 (no shit)

"bonus track" the Luv It/H8 It remix of "txt message <3 w/u" originally performed by G.O.A.T.

the good news is the remix is growing on people. because originally, everyone hated it. also, the lyrics on "this grrrl b. kreepee" are terrifying and vulgar enough for us to slap a parental advisory sticker on the record. which is funny, considering we are a primarily instrmental band.

but i guess we also wrote a song called "graphic fuck-box."

our eccentric circus show is in a mere 20 days, so as i told dan today, we better hit the books and study hard. and by that, we need to practice. and maybe learn how to play some other songs.


in case anyone cares, i have slightly changed the menu options to your right. there is a place to download our "single" for free 99, as well as a NEW picture of us rocking faces off. and some other stuff. check it before you wreck it.

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