H.B.O isn't going to want us-- It's Showtime.

5 hours and counting until our show tonight. so if you just happen upon this blog, and have no idea who we are, but can get to Northfield MN by 7:30, you should probably do so.

also just a few quick updates:

stickers- no idea when those will be done and shipped to us.

e.p.- probably one more original song, and then we're done. dan is pushing to do a remix of "text message love" by GOAT, and included that on the release. our goal is to have the e.p. finished by june 20th. we have been kicking around an idea for a new track, thanks to a keyboard we happened upon at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

next show- as of right now, our next show is at eccentric circus, and that is on june 20th. you can see why we'd want a record to be finished by then. we may try to get another show or two in between now and then.

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