Recording and Equipment Failure

we went back into "the studio" on saturday morning to work on another track we had started in a previous rehearsal-- a song eloquently titled "graphic fuck-box." the title comes from a long, and convoluted story involving a negative experience with a printing and packing establishment in town.

watching the track on the oh-so-precious lap top.

the recording went fairly well, and we would consider that we have another song in the bank.

dan, tickling the ivory.

unfortunately we need to simplify our set up, or at least make sure all of our shit works. after completing the tracking for "GFB," we went to work trying to come up with new ideas off of demos that we had worked out earlier. this was most frustrating, as instruments kept cutting out, and effects pedals stopped working, and cords were tangled.

a small portion of our set up.

so we packed it up and called it a day.

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